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Dear Friend,

Esperanza Detroit is a nonprofit organization serving the youth and families of Southwest Detroit.  The mission of Esperanza is to is to provide youth and family development opportunities by conducting comprehensive programming that includes; recreation, education, counseling and spirituality. 

Esperanza teaches youth to: Accept Responsibility, Act Courageously, Enact Justice on Behalf of Those Who cannot for Themselves, Expect God's Favor, Know Empathy.

Esperanza's summer and fall baseball programs are dedicated to promoting baseball as well as academic achievement.  The passion for baseball is used as a means to encourage kids to learn commitment to an activity that in turn in transformed into commitment to academics and an education.

Many of the kids in the program are from low income families in Detroit, yet unlike their school peers who are not part of the baseball program, nearly all of the baseball players graduate from high school and do not find themselves in trouble with the law.  This is in large part due to the academic and athletic mentoring of the coaches and student advocates (who are also involved with the baseball program) that takes place throughout the school year.  The program literally runs all year as the same youth that play summer and fall baseball also train indoors in the winter and play high school baseball in the spring. For this group of boys, commitment to baseball + academics  = college, and maybe even more.  Not only have some of the boys been awarded college scholarships, there have been several MLB prospects that have recently come from this area of Detroit. 

Unlike suburban communities where baseball programs are often funded by the parents of the players, Esperanza's baseball programs are funded primarily from donations due to the limited financial resources of the parents.  Without donations, this robust program could not function and the area's youth would not be able to participate in baseball. 

The comprehensive approach taken by Esperanza requires significant funding for each child and we are seeking to increase donations to be able reach more of Southwest Detroit's youth at an earlier age.  The attached sponsorship form outlines the different levels of participation for those who are willing to help. Please take a look at the attached PDF for more information.

Lastly, the baseball activities of Esperanza take place at Clark Park, a Detroit municipal park.  Although the two diamonds at Clark have been improved and maintained from resources provided by Esperanza, the diamonds are not an adequate facility to support the type of program that Esperanza is hoping to establish.  Esperanza will be seeking corporate sponsors to renovate the baseball diamond at Riverside Park, which is located on the Detroit River.  A more state of the art diamond would not only attract the area's youth (remember movie Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come") it would enhance the program by providing a beautiful facility for tournament play. 

Please accept the appreciation of the youth of Southwest Detroit for taking the time to review this request and please let me know if you would like further information.


Michael Vazquez,                                                        
Founder and CEO                                                      

         All Donations are 100% Tax Deductable!