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Our new office and youth center is located on 2442 Michigan Ave. in the Historical Corktown District.
  We are using the theme “Building a Legacy” for this renovation initiative knowing that we have an opportunity to leave tangible evidence of your support to the youth not only for this generation, but also for several generations to come.

Please click HERE to find out more about our NEW HOME!

Esperanza Detroit is a nonprofit organization serving the youth and families of Southwest Detroit and surrounding communities.                                                                                   

The mission of Esperanza is to provide youth and family development opportunities by conducting comprehensive programming that includes; recreation, education, counseling, and spirituality.

Esperanza teaches youth to:

  • Accept Responsibility
  • Act Courageously
  • Enact Justice on Behalf of Those Who cannot for Themselves
  • Expect God's Favor 
  • Know Empathy

Esperanza Detroit has been built on the thoughts, needs, and partnerships of youth and their families, school leaders and public service providers. Esperanza Detroit is founded by individuals who have been leaders in the community for over 20 years in the provision of substance abuse and gang violence prevention, intervention and treatment services.  

Esperanza was formed based on the expertise and significant experience of its Board of Directors and Staff in youth development and community organizing. Esperanza Detroit’s Board of Directors’ have a long history of working in collaboration with local schools, law enforcement, parent groups, youth serving agencies, church groups, athletic groups and businesses in Southwest Detroit that are concerned with youth issues and support our efforts.

Our Activities are designed to address the Mind, Body and Spirit.

We provide training for youth serving professionals, counseling for youth and their parents, educational opportunities, and summer programs. We teach youth conflict resolution by valuing, respecting, and providing alternatives to negative lifestyles.  Our program is designed to support educational reform while maintaining a commitment to at-risk students. Our staff is trained in restorative practices.  This practice is used to restore order and create a safer learning environment.

The goal of our fitness program is to help youth and their families eat nutritiously in daily life and to establish healthy eating habits in youth that will last into adulthood. Families learn to prepare nutritious ethnic meals and snacks.  This program also equips youth and their families with the knowledge, skill, and confidence required for basic proficiency in physical activities they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  The program provides instruction on a variety of individual, two person, and team activities such as baseball, flag football, dodge ball and soccer. By offering physical activities, Esperanza Detroit seeks to prevent childhood obesity in our community.

Many of the youth participants are from low income families in Detroit, yet unlike their peers who are not part of the program, nearly all of the youth  are successful academically and do not find themselves in trouble with the law.  This is in large part due to the academic and athletic mentoring of the coaches and student advocates that takes place throughout the school year. 

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